A film by Gérard Jumel

A father decides to save his son from the brutal environment he is living in.
He takes him far away from the city, into a wild and life-saving nature, aiming to make him perceceiving another vision of the world. Little by little, his son reveals himself to him.

But ultimately, who will save whom ?

Selected at the 2021 TIFA
Toronto Independent Film Awards

Written, produced and directed by  Gérard Jumel
with the support of  Sophie Launey
generous help from Julie Ménéhel and Claude Audouze
inspired and encouraged by Guillaume Jumel
camera Paul Olinger
sound Jérôme Ayasse – Matthieu Fraticelli
assistant director Aimie Dumas
music François Bernaud

Gaspard  Gabriel Wiley
Antoine  Gérard Jumel
Marco  Xavier Mussel
Théo  Shen Masquida
Kohaku  Hiroshi Okasaki
Le pisciculteur  Raphaël Thiéry
L’universitaire  Florence Branger

Fario – Synopsis

Fario – Trailer

Fario – Extract

Fario – English subtitles version

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