About Gérard Jumel

My already long journey has now been built around fiction, first of all very young by making films at a time when only film support existed. Then I joined IDHEC in 1980, 36th promotion. Then, I alternated the professions of assistant director on television, mainly on programs, and documentary editor.

At the same time, I always continued to make short fiction films, “Matin de mariage”, “Suivez le bébé,” Poisson dans l’eau “, until I made a first feature film ” Ce que femme veut ” in a parallel economy but which very quickly found a viable economic outlet, distributed in movie theaters, followed by television sales.

Then, with a few associates, I created a production structure in which I was a producer of documentaries and many corporate films produced in the same spirit. From this production, I also wrote and directed 20 documentaries and over 100 corporate films.

In addition, I teach documentary in a film school, the CLCF, by developing writing work. So I have always viewed fiction and documentary work with the same spirit and energy.

For me, making a documentary requires imagination from the real, making a fiction requires good acuity of the real.

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