A film by Gérard Jumel


A father wants to save his son from the brutal world in which he lives. He takes him far from the city, in a wild and saving nature, where he will try to make him perceive another vision of the world. Little by little, his son reveals himself to him. But who will ultimately save whom ?

English subtitles version

CV Gérard Jumel

My already long journey has now been built around fiction, first of all very young by making films at a time when only film support existed. Then I joined IDHEC in 1980, 36th promotion. Then, I alternated the professions of assistant director on television, mainly on programs, and documentary editor.
At the same time, I always continued to make short fiction films, « Matin de mariage », « Suivez le bébé, » Poisson dans l’eau « , until I made a first feature film  » Ce que femme veut  » in a parallel economy but which very quickly found a viable economic outlet, distributed in movie theaters, followed by television sales.
Then, with a few associates, I created a production structure in which I was a producer of documentaries and many corporate films produced in the same spirit. From this production, I also wrote and directed 20 documentaries and over 100 corporate films. In addition, I teach documentary in a film school, the CLCF, by developing writing work. So I have always viewed fiction and documentary work with the same spirit and energy. For me, making a documentary requires imagination from the real, making a fiction requires good acuity of the real.